Gernot Rohr, Going, going,…..gone!

Gernot Rohr, Going, going,…..gone!

By Segun Odegbami

I am writing this on Thursday, November 18, 2021. By the time you are reading it on Saturday, the coach of Nigeria’s national football team may have become history.

Gernot Rohr’s one-sided relationship with Nigerian football may be coming to an end. Nigerians appear to have come to the elastic limit of their patience, waiting in vain through all of 6 years……they can wait forever and nothing will happen. The man just does not have it.

…those who should have ‘fired’ him….gave all manner of excuses about the knots around the contract Nigeria entered into with the German that made it ‘impossible’ for him to be sacked.

The decision that could not be taken then is being taken now. And the world will not end….!

….only a miracle can stop the approaching avalanche that will sweep him out of Nigeria and send him back to the obscurity of the backyard football in Europe where he came from.

The big question would now be: who will replace him?

It will be very difficult to get any of the big names in European football.  They will not come cheap, and the best of them are in clubs, and prefer clubs to national teams.

The costly unproductive romance with foreign coaches, however, has to stop at a point. It might as well stop now.

Until we respect our own and treat them with dignity, no one in the world would respect them.

Meanwhile, I can’t wait for when the gavel will be finally struck with the chorus: “Gernot Rohr, going, going…..gone!”

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