God told me there will be Yoruba Nation, says Prophet Adebayo

God told me there will be Yoruba Nation, says Prophet Adebayo

“The Fulani will not be able to do anything about it.”

By Wumi Oke

A prominent Prophey has said that the emergence of O’odua Nation is irreversible. He said the Fulani will be able to do nothing about it.

Prophet Segun Adebayo said God has revealed to him that the Yoruba people will have a country of their own.

In his open preaching monitored by Irohinoodua, Prophet Adebayo said children of Oduduwa will stand as a Nation.”

He said “Let the policemen go and return the message to their masters that a Prophet said something that God has sent him.”

Adebayo said “God told me that Yoruba will stand as a Nation. Let all indigenous Yoruba in the world and Brazil know that there is nothing the Fulani can do about the Yoruba matter says the Lord.”

He said God told him the current government has been arrested from heaven.

“I have not seen any election coming up in this country. Let them bring gun to arrest me, I am not afraid of anyone expect God who owns my life.”

He said God told him a lot of Clerics will be eliminated suddenly because they are not working with God anymore.

“God said He is angry to the powerful men in this Nation.”

He said chidren of Oduduwa will certainly become a sovereign Nation that no one can do anything about it.

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