Groups warn Iwuanyanwu on reckless attacks on Yoruba Nation

By Bola Akinwumi

A prominent Igbo leader, Mr Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu has been warned to desist from his deliberate attacks on Yoruba civilisation.

Pan Yoruba groups in a statement at the weekend accused Iwuanyanwu of infantile moral disorder asking him to stop his
Yorubaphobia campaign or meet proportional response

Groups that signed the statement were Oodua Nationalist , (ONAC) Ayo Awolumate,
Alliance for Yoruba Democratic Movements, (AYDM), Lateef Kayode,
Network for Yoruba Alliance, (NENA), Aljaja Sidiat Olorunfemi,
Oodua Peoples Congress, (New Era), Abiodun Olowokere
South West Professionals, (SOWPROF), Alaba Kareem,
South West Progressives Youth Congress, (SWPYC), Ayodele Okunola and Ooodua Hunters Union, (OHUN), Abayomi Ariyo
South West Progressive Women Congress, (SWPWC) Mrs Aisha Olanrewaju,
Oodua International Democratic Movement, (OIDEM) and Deji Omotoyinbo

The groups said it drew the attention of the world to the consistent and notorious pursuit of parochial attacks on Yoruba people by Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu who is also the leader of Ohanaeze Ndigbo

The groups said “This trend is long-standing and it appears Mr Iwuanyanwu has adopted the trademark of ceaseless attacks on Yoruba values and heritage in a defiantly bold but deaming and irresponsible manner.”

They said the latest in his reckless attacks on Yoruba civilisation was displayed during a life interview in Arise TV recently.

They said they observed that Chief Iwuanyanwu-s “scarthing and uncouth insults” against Yoruba people is a life long career he cherishes.

They noted that many Pan Yoruba groups have consistently restrained themselves from this direct call to confrontation with the Igbo which he claims he represents and on behalf if which he claims to speak.

“In his latest attacks on Yoruba Nation, it was heart wrenching and disappointing when on Arise TV few days ago he played the victim card when it is on record that Chief Anyawu is guilty of hate speech against the Yoruba Nation when he called the entire Yoruba race “political rascals”
Not only that, he threatened to deal with the Yoruba Nation,” the groups said.

They claimed that till date a lot of Yoruba are still worried about how Chief Iwuanyanwu is going to deal with millions of Yoruba people on whose land his economic fortunes were made.

“In a style not worthy of an elder statesman which Chief Iwuanyanwu calls himself, he descended to base instincts in his dishonoruable pummelling of Yoruba civilisation.
In one of his comments, he mentioned the name of a patriotic Yoruba son called Aare Kakanfo and accused him of hate speech because of an article that he wrote on his twitter handle. We can easily decode the subtle threat that Chief Anyawu made against this our fellow comrade. What exactly was wrong in what this comrade said? Was it a lie that captain Nwobosi an Igbo army officer led Igbo soldiers to kill the first Aare Oona Kakanfo S.L Akintola in postpost-colonial Nigeria in the ancient city of Ibadan, Yorubaland? “

The groups said it was not a lie that an Igbo man in the person of Chief Azikwe the father of modern Igbo nation was trying to become the premier of Yorubaland? Was it a lie that Igbo political leaders in the first republic were the ones responsible for the prevention of secession clause in Nigeria’s constitution in the first republic?

Other parts of the statement read “Was it not historically correct that Agunyi Ironsi another Igbo son was responsible for the destruction of federalism in Nigeria via the unification decree in 1966? This are historical facts that cannot be disproved.

“The obidient movement which was an Igbo political nationalist movement have been rewriting history and calling Yoruba people terrible names on social media for the past 3 years on all social media platforms because a Yoruba man in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu wanted to contest for presidency. The article written by Aare Kakanfo was to respond to what a lot Igbo social media influencers who are labour party apologists like Anambra first son, Chuks, Afams etc. have been peddling on social media which was hardcore Yoruba hate for over 10 years on twitter, Nairland platforms and facebook pages.

We stand by our fellow patriot Aare Kakanfo about what he stated and we will also advise Chief Anyanwu to focus on giving parental advice to his fellow Igbos who have been running wild on the social medi space with hate filled propaganmda against the Yoruba people. We know Chief Anyanwu has no problem with Yoruba hate but Yoruba people fighting against Yoruba hate. A lot of Yoruba youths and elders are seriously traumatised by the campaign of hate by many Igbo media influencers against the Yoruba people and a good example is an individual called Anambra first son who is known to be close to Peter Obi because Peter Obi attended his wedding ceremony just few months ago. Why is Chief Anyawu not bothered by such an unholy romance between a Yoruba hate peddler and a presidential candidate who are both Igbos???

We are using this opportunity to put on all security agents in Nigeria on notice that no evil must happen to any Yoruba son or daughter especially Aare kakanfo who are only reacting to the unrelentless Yoruba hate campaign by social media influencers from the South East.

We are also advising Chief Iwunayanwu to spend his energy on how he and other Igbo elders will train and educate their youths on how to coexist peacefully with other Nigerians without resorting to hate as a campaign tool for politics.”

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