Hausa leader begs Oba of Benin, reverses instalation of Hausa King in Edo

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu

The Hausa community in Edo State has apologised to the Oba of Benin with a promise to stop the proposed instalation of Garkuwan Hausa as earlier planned.

The title denotes King of the Hausa community.

Alhaji Danjuma Garba Binkola was expected to be installed as the Garkuwan Hausawa on Sunday.

The Oba of Benin had warned against such a plan considered as a threat to his authority.

The Benin Traditional Council on Thursday warned against any plan to install the Hausa leader in his domain.

He described the move as an affront on the Benin tradition

Alhaji Binkola was to be coronated on May 5.

The Hausa leader however went to meet the Oba of Benin and apologised to him.

He pleaded ignorance and pleaded for forgiveness.

He said his father, Garuba was born and bred in Benin.

The Benin Traditional Council had earlier warned in a letter where it informed the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies as well as the gen eral public that this planned event is a violation of Benin Tradition and Customary Law applicable to chieftaincy matters and therefore must not hold under any circumstances.

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