I will come home soon, says Igboho

Commends President Tinubu, says he’ll spend 8 years

By Samuel Ogunsona and Ologeh Joseph

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has received commendation from unusual quarters.

Chief Sunday Adeyemo, (Igboho) has praised the performance of the President saying he would support him to be in power for eight years of the legal two terms.
Igboho spoke through online TV,Alaroye monitored by Irohinoodua.

He said he was anxious to come back to Nigeria to bury his mother.

He said I will bury my mother soon, I will come home (Nigeria) soon. I do not regret that I led the Yoruba Nation’s struggle. I want to call on all of us to be in unity.”

Igboho is currently in Germany. He had led mass rallies across South West States calling for Yoruba Self determination, an event that shot him into limelight

He said: “I pray for good health for President Bola Tinubu. He’s doing well, and so far he has been taking major steps to revamp the country. Many of the key appointments in key offices so far show he’s aware of things around him.
He said he was impressed by Tinubu’s determination to bring Nigeria back on her feet.

He however urged the President not to forget his people.

He said “I want President Tinubu to remember that Yourbas is suffering. He will definitely use 8 years. God will help him through the governance process. God will grant him a long life to be able to turn this country around.

“I’m currently in Germany with my family and I know God is in charge of my life. I have no work here in Germany. My work is in Nigeria. I’m a car dealer. I’ve been selling cars since 1996.

“With respect to my properties that were destroyed, I leave all to God. He’s the one that owns our lives. We should all be after a good name and work. Those whose lives were lost during the incident at my house pained me. Even my mother lost her life during the Yoruba Nation struggle.

“My mother’s death pained me. It has made me deeply worried. I’m begging God to please help me out to bury my mother. She’s still in the mortuary. I know that’s how it pleases God to do it.

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