Islamic College Principal Rapes Seven Female Students, Runs Away.

Islamic College Principal Rapes Seven Female Students, Runs Away.

By Samuel Ogunsona

Islamic school principal runs away after an allegation of him raping seven different female students. This happened  at Hassanat Islamic College, around Tanke, in Ilorin South Local Government Area, Kwara State.

Irohinodua gathered that principal who is identified as Prosper has been in hidden since the allegation as been brought up from other teachers after their thorough investigation.

One of the female students who is a victim of this act spoke to one of the school teachers when she could no longer cope with the Principal’s action.

This prompt the teacher with other teachers to carry out a silent investigation which lasted for about four months to get a concrete evidence. The teachers could identify some other six female victims who has allegedly be defiled by this principal during their investigation where WhatsApp messages were obtained from the victims.

Prosper wrote in the whatsapp conversation, “You are the sweetest lady I have ever go down and suck,” “When I dipped my tongue inside of you, how did you feel?” “Let’s f**k tomorrow morning baby, I know you are tired of your virginity.”

The teacher said, ‘’ We got to know when one of the female students opened up to one of us in the first week of April. We knew innocent pupils should not be exposed to such sexual act at such a young age.

‘’But to get to the root of the matter, we knew it would take a lot of time. So, one of us started being friendly with a lot o female students and in the process some of them started giving the teachers access to their phones’’

The teachers also have a series of sex audio sent to the students by the teacher through whazzap.

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