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Newsbreak: Bandits demand N40 trillion,11 Hilus Vans, 150 motorcycles

By Omolade Adegbuyi and Ologeh Joseph Chibu

Armed men who kidnapped over 16 people in Kaduna State have demanded for a whopping sum of N40trillion, the highest in world history.

The bandits also want 150 motorcycles and 11 hilux vans.

The irony is that the bandits expect to use the 11 vehicles and 150 motorcycles in the country where they carried out the same crime.

Nigeria has fought asymmetric war with armed gangs across the country for more than one decade.

Irohinoodua was informed that the armed men made the demand in communications with Kaduna State authorities.

The amount being demanded is more than the entire budget of Nigeria in one year.

Experts think the demand further emphasised the courage and confidence of armed gangs operating on Nigerian space.

“Where are we going to get this kind of money? Even if we sell the entire community, we cannot raise N40 trillion.”

The armed men had abducted 16 residents of Gonin Gora area of  Kaduna metropolis in early March.

John Yusuf, a  community in Kaduna revealed the demand of the bandits while speaking in Kaduna

 He said they promised not to release the abducted unless their demands are met.

“The bandits have contacted us. They  are demanding for  N40 trillion, 11 Hilux vans and 150 motorcycles for the release of 16 people they are holding captive.

“Where are we going to get this kind of money!  Even if we sell the entire community, we cannot raise N40 trillion,” he said.

According to him even Nigeria as a country has never made a budget of N40 trillion,” Yusuf said.

Yusuf said the armed men stormed the community late February.

He said “The abductions happened twice within four days interval,” he said.

He said during the first attack three people were kidnapped while in the second attack 13 people were abducted bringing the total number of people being held captive to 16.

He said the forest in the community and Birnin Gwari Local Government Area need security presence.

“We are pleading with the government to come to our aid by establishing a military base behind our community where the bandits take advantage of the bushes to invade our community” Yusuf said

He said from his community down to Birnin Gwari which is over 150 kilometres is a stretch of bush remain unsafe

“We also have another stretch of bushes from Gonin Gora down to Niger state.

“So when the criminals have free access through the bushes to our community. We are pleading with government to help us.”

He was full of praises for the Nigerian Army.

He said, “The army  are really trying, despite the fact that they are seriously overstretched. Whenever we make distressed calls they come.

“But the problem is that before they reach the community, the bandits would have done what they wanted  and left”.

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