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Newsbreak:Niger cuts agelong military ties with US

The new revolutionary Government in Niger has cut military ties with the United States

The spokesperson of the military said it has cut military relationship with its old ally, the United States.

The earlier military agreement allowed the United States to deploy soldiers to the West African country.

The position of the Nigerien government is coming barely one week after a US delegation visited the country to engage the country.

With the exit of the US from Niger, the road is not open for Russia to establish stronger ties.

Niger earlier kicked out France after years of colonisation which has brought nothing but left the West African country impoverished and exploited.

Niger’s military spokesperson Col Amadou Abdramane
“The US presence on the territory of the Republic of Niger is illegal and violates all the constitutional and democratic rules which would require the sovereign people… to be consulted on the installation of a foreign army on its territory,”

He said the US delegation had questioned deal between Niger and Iran over supply of Uranium.

But Col Abdramane faulted the US saying the accusation was “cynical” and “reminiscent of the second Iraq war”.

Oñ his relationship with Russia which the US objected to, he said “The government of Niger therefore strongly denounces the condescending attitude combined with the threat of reprisals by the head of the American delegation against the government and the people of Niger.”

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