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Russia is ‘absolutely invincible’ – Putin

A nation’s strength is defined by the determination of its people, the president has said, adding that his country cannot be defeated

Russian President Vladimir Putin said
Russia has always been and remains “absolutely invincible,” President Vladimir Putin told a group of students at an open lesson marking the start of the academic year on Friday.

The mentality of the Russian people makes it impossible for the country to be defeated by anyone, he added.

The president recalled the history of his own family, telling students about his ancestors who lived through World War II. According to Putin, his grandmother was fatally shot by a Nazi soldier but, even as she was dying, she was still thinking about her husband and told Putin’s grandfather “not to cry” in order not to upset her in her final moments.

“Do you understand the depth of these relationships between the ordinary people, this love?” the president said, adding that, even in the face of death, his grandmother was caring for her loved one. “How can we not take that for a model?” he added. Putin also said that all members of his family felt deep respect for each other and had a “strong inner culture.”

Putin also said he believes most families in Russia are like this. “And here I understood why we won the Great Patriotic War,” the president said, referring to the Soviet struggle against Nazi Germany in World War II. “One cannot defeat a people with such a mentality,” he said, adding that “we have been absolutely invincible. And we remain as such now.”

His words came as Russia has been locked in a conflict with neighboring Ukraine for more than a year and a half. The latest developments have seen Kiev’s forces unable to breach Russian defenses in nearly three months since the start of the much-hyped Ukrainian counteroffensive.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukraine lost some 43,000 soldiers and around 5,000 pieces of heavy equipment between early June and early August, despite the massive military aid provided by Washington and its allies.

Source RT

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