Newsbreaks: Sanwo launches Mid-Leve Agro hub, announces Lagos Trader money

14,250 traders to get N50,000 each

By Samuel Ogunsona

The Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu has launched Lagos Traders’ Money.

He on Sunday also announced the total of N50,000 for some 14,250 traders being 250 in each of the 20 Local Governments and 37 Local Council Development Areas, (LCDAs)

A total of 14, 250 Lagos traders are to benefit from the scheme as part of efforts to cushion inflation and economic downturn.

The Governor made the announcement in Sunday during the launching of Lagos Mid-Level Agroproduce at Mushin Local Government in Lagos.

The hub located on more than 6,000 Square meters of land is to wharehouse perishable farm produce.

Agricultural experts at the launching said the hub will help preserve agroproduce with a long-range impact of reducing the prices of foodstuffs.

The hub is said to be the first of its kind in Nigeria. Billions are lost by agro-related business men and women due to their lack of ability to preserve agro-products especially in time of excess.

At the hub which was opened to the public on Sunday were fresh tomatoes, onions, green pepper, onions, plantain, carrot, oranges and several species of fruits and legume.

Speaking at event Sanwo-Olu said his government was committed to making Lagos the pacesetter in sustainable development.

He said 15,000 traders in each of the local government will be identified and given N50,000 each. More than 14,000 market men and women will be initial beneficiaries.

He said 200 names will be collected from each Local Government, and additional 50 names will be supplied by Iya Oloja and Baba Oloja in each of the Local Government and markets across the state. He said police and military markets have been listed to benefit from the scheme.

He said the money is certain to impact positively on the lives or traders in Lagos State leading to enhanced income and improved economy of traders in the State.

He said the Agro-hub will be established in each of the 57 Local Governments in Lagos as soon as the required land mass is secure by the State Government

15k to get 50k each. 11,400 people will benefit. Adidditin lal for Iya Oloja and Baba ologlja..additional 50 for Iya oloja and baba oloja It will be over 14,000 The first 15,000 is the first attempt
It’s the palliatives we have been clamouring for

“If a trader has a total of products worth N40,000, with additional 50,000 from the Lagos State Government, the economy of the trader would improve so also is the income.”
He said the State Government is happy that the promise to create the Agro-hub has been met.

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