Oodua group condemns Gumi on Israeli Ambassabor’s visit

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu

The Oodua Nationalist Coalition (ONAC) has condemned northern Islamic activist, Sheikh Gumi, on comments relating to Nigerian foreign relations.

Gumi had attacked the Minister for Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Mr Nyeson Wike who had hosted the Israeli Ambassador in the midst of the bitter feud after Hamas launched barrage of missiles against Israel, leading to at least 1000 deaths.

Isreal responded with air strikes that saw thousands of Palestinians killed.

The crisis has continued to draw global rage.

In a statement by its Secretary-General, Prince Tunde Adeleke on Friday, ONAC described Sheikh Gumi as an ethnic jingoist and Fulani supremacist.

ONAC, a coalition of over 50 pan-Yoruba groups said Gumi’s criticisms of Wike was misplaced.

The group said Nigeria is made up of Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists, adding that the country, therefore, does not necessarily need to be partisan on the Israeli-Palestine age-long conflict.

Gumi’s reaction, according to ONAC, at this stage of Nigeria’s nationhood, is not only barbaric and contemptuous, but very distasteful and myopic, and therefore, contemptible.

Nigeria, the group contended, is a pluralistic federation and an amalgam of over 250 ethnic groups and different religious tendencies, adding that moreover, the resources that sustain the nation are not exclusive to the demagogues, who at the slightest opportunity, harass and intimidate other components of the federation they ignorantly perceive as ‘inferior’.

Warning the Islamic activist against unguarded and inflammatory utterances, the group said: “Gumi and his ilk should be educated that no ethnic nationality is in anyway superior to the other in this union. And that the country belongs to all. Nigeria, as a country, is not a marriage by force. The wind of democracy and freedom blowing across the world does not preclude the country.

“We dare say that it’s the irresponsible outbursts and empty arrogance of a section of this country in the past that ignited the fire of agitation for self-determination that has engulfed the Nigerian nation in recent times, the effect of which is yet to subside.”

Was Gumi and the interest that he represents not alive when the management of Nigeria’s oil industry has always been dominated by people from regions other than where the oil is being explored?, ONAC queied, adding “Yet, the nation wasn’t put on fire as a result of inability of the political authority to embrace and ensure resource control.”

The group said one would have thought that the parasitic elements in the federal union would allow the nation breathe, instead of threatening unwarranted drumbeats of war over issues that do not count.

“Let it sink right away, that just as Mele Kyari is presiding over the management of the nation’s cash cow unmolested, Nyesom Wike or any Nigerian from any part of the country’s South is eminently qualified to be the FCT helmsman” ONAC said.

The group, however, pointed out that if Gumi, or anybody for that matter, can come forward with proofs of why Wike cannot be minister of FCT, different from his place or region of birth, such is welcome, saying but whosoever is doing that must come to equity with clean hands.

“Enough of threats. Enought of empty boasts. Enough of intimidations. Nigeria belongs to all!”, ONAC warned.

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