Top Immigration officer rape me in presence of my children, mother cries out

Calls on Police IG for help

By Samuel Ogunsona

A mother of two children has narrated how a top Immigration Officer raped her in the presence of her little children. She called on the Inspector General of Police, Kayode Egbetokun to help her secure justice.

The woman said her husband, who is a junior immigration officer caught the rapist in the act prompting the Deputy Immigration Superintendent to order his detention on trumped up charges

The woman is twenty-year-old.

The incidence took place in Bauchi, Northern Nigeria.

The housewife, Lubabatu Yusuf Samaila said her husband is currently being detained by the Immigration authority. This was after she had filed complaints of rape against the Deputy Immigration Superintendent, Sani Muazu.

The Immigration officer is the one who secured promotion for the husband of the raped lady. One Immigration officer told Irohinoodua that such abuse of human rights is common in the Immigration.

Saleh Muazu on December 9 late last year was in the home of her prey

He fumbled with her chest in the presence of her little children.

The breastfeeding woman resisted. She tried to run away but Muazu overwhelmed her and pushed her on the ground.

He began to rape her as her little children cried profusely.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Superintendent Ahmed Mohammed Wakil told journalists Commissioner of Police CP has directed the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Criminal Investigation Department to probe the invidence

Wakil said the victim’s husband, Wakil was charged with criminal defamation, aiding and abetting and kidnapping.

He said the charges arise from a petition against Yusuf Samaila by Nazir Umar and Co, a group of lawyers on behalf Sani Saleh Mauzu

The raped woman said “On December, 9, 2023, at about 3:0 clock in the afternoon, Sani Saleh Muazu came to my house and started hugging me, touching my breasts.

“I begged him to stop it because of my small children but he threatened me, that he was stronger than me so I should just cooperate, moreover he was the one taking care of my family.

“I kept pleading with him to stop as my children were watching as I struggled to free myself from his grip and run away but he kicked me with his leg and I fell down.

“He slapped me and I started crying. My seven year old son who had a fractured leg and couldn’t walk crawled into the room on his buttocks from outside and saw what was happening and started crying, begging him to stop.

“Muazu raised his hand and hit me on the chest repeatedly as my sons cried, saying don’t kill our mother.

“He then pinned me to the ground with his leg. I couldn’t struggle again, climbed me and started having intercourse with me in front of my children.

“My husband heard my children crying and he rushed inside the room and met Mu’azu on top of me and he held him up and started shouting so this is what you are doing to my wife? This has been your intention of bringing us to Bauchi?

“Mu’azu stood up and slapped my husband hard and they started wrestling.

“I was weak, I couldn’t stand up; I was just lying on the bed crying. They kept wrestling until they got outside and he ran away. Up till now as I speak with you I am still feeling the pain.”

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