Prof Akintoye speaks, alleges plans to kill self determination leaders, calls for Yoruba unity 

Prof Akintoye speaks, alleges plans to kill self determination leaders, calls for Yoruba unity

By Samuel Ogunsona

Leader of Ilana Omo Oodua Prof Banji Akintoye has said that he has received information of plans to attack mainstream leaders of Pan Yoruba self determination groups.

He said he has been informed through intelligence network that some soldiers are planning to destabilise the movement and even kill some of the leaders.

He called for the unity of Yoruba people all over the world.

Akintoye who is in exile was reaching to a string of resignations by its top leaders.

The latest was the resignation of its Deputy Leader, Prof Wale Adeniran.

The Leader of the Pan Yoruba group said he was alarmed by the wave of resignations in recent days adding that the motive was misconceived by many People all over the world.

He said “I find it necessary to make the following statement in my position as Alana of Ilana Omo Oodua.”

The Leader of the group said a regrettable mix-up occurred in Ilana’s statement of yesterday, Nov. 06, concerning the conflict between some Nigerian soldiers and some Yoruba youths who were holding a rally in support of self-determination for their Yoruba country.

He said “I responsibly inform the public hereby that in the past two weeks, credible reports have reached me that some Nigerian soldiers have been targeting Yoruba self-determination youths holding their accustomed peaceful rallies or holding meetings peacefully.

It is a pity that a conflict has occured. But, in the interest of peace, I hereby urge soldiers, police and other law-enforcement agencies to desist from trying to compel Yoruba youths from holding rallies and meetings in support of self-determination for their Yoruba nation.

I am sure that all Nigerian officials of all ranks know that self-determination is an inalienable right of every nation in the world and that agitation for self-determination is not a crime, as long as it is peaceful.

The whole world knows by now that the Yoruba people are resolved to employ only peaceful and law-abiding means and methods for their self-determination agitation.

On the other hand, i appeal to all Yoruba youths to bear in mind in all situations that we Yoruba are bent on keeping the peace as we demand our nation’s self-determination and freedom from Nigeria.

I must add this paragraph in further pursuit of peace and truth.

We Yoruba leaders of the self-determination struggle have reliably learnt that some leading persons in the campaign for the 2023 Nigerian elections are sending some of their supporters to go and behave in unruly ways and even to attack law-enforcement officials and then credit their actions to self-determination agitators. Our leading citizens who are engaging in this disgraceful conduct should give it up, in the interest of our Yoruba nation.

An overwhelming majority of our Yoruba people have decided to retrieve our Yoruba nation’s self-determination and sovereignty as a country separate from Nigeria, and nothing can make us go back or look back.

We Yoruba have seen enough of Nigeria’s decline, decay and savagery.

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