SDP promises to transform Lagos, Nigeria better than APC, PDP

SDP promises to transform Lagos, Nigeria better than APC, PDP

By Samuel Ogunsona

Ahead of the National elections slated for early 2023, the Social Democratic Parry, (SDP) has promised to transform Nigeria better than the traditional political parties that have ran the affairs of the country.

The party also promises a new Lagos State where power and the political economy will be driven by the interest of the poor and the vulnerable communities without undermining industrialisation and human capital development.

The party leaders spoke at a huge rally held in Lagos on Friday..

The SDP Lagos state chapter of the
party had Friday staged rallies across Lagos ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

The rally which took place on Friday afternoon from the mainland to Island saw thousands of people mobilizing for the Presidential candidates Prince Adewole Adebayo.

The Lagos SPD Chairman, Dabiraoluwa Adeyinka, who represented the Presidential candidate in the event said the party symbol represents purity.

She said she is the voice of the younger generation
asking for good governance and change of the current political dynamics.

She said ‘’Our symbol which represents purity and good governance that govern the people and not oppressing them’’

‘’We are leaving in a country where we look like refugees in disguise, people needs to take it decision not by voting because of party platform but make research on individual candidates’’ she added.

According to her ‘’SDP is changing the narrative of the system by presenting the youngest presidential candidate who is a lawyer and legal practitioner who understands what justice means for the people.

She told the mammorth crowd that SDP is kicking against vote buying.

She said “our vote will be a bigger voice for us, let not sell our votes so that we won’t be oppressed for another four years’’

Dabiraoluwa berated those who accuse the SDP of not having structure to rule the country urging such people to change their mentality.

She urged Lagosians to vote for the Lagos state Governorship candidate, Bar. Kunle Uthman.

She added, ‘’People may think SPD does not have structure, we can’t call the present government a good structure because a structure needs to fix the system which they have failed to fix’’

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