Terror threat: EU, Canada may follow US evacuation of essential staff 

Terror threat: EU, Canada may follow US evacuation of essential staff

By Gabriel Oritsegbemi

Some members of the European Union, (EU) and Canada may follow the United States order that her non essential staff leave Nigeria.

Irohinoodua was informed by diplomatic sources that the US has already shared intelligence information with members of the European Union hinting that some of them may order their non-essential staff to leave Nigeria.

The response is said to be anchored on Intelligence information at the disposal of the US and Western Intel on possible major terror attacks in Nigeria.

Another source told Irohinoodua that the attacks by the violent extremists may not be restricted to Abuja as earlier warned by the United States.

Countries said to be considering exit of essential staff as at Wednesday are France, Canada, Netherlands and the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden and Switzerland

This is coming in the wake of threats from terrorists suspected to be planning a major attack in Nigeria.

The US earlier warned that terrorists were planning to attack Abuja, the Nigerian capital territory.

It is uncertain the nature of the predicted attack and if it will only be in Abuja alone.

However on Tuesday, the United States ordered non essential staff and their families to leave Nigerian shores an indication that a major terrorist operation is in view.

In the past the US had warned without asking her non essential staff to leave but this time non-essential staff and their families are being taken away from the country.

The US had warned that violent extremists were planning to attack schools, public institutions and worship places anytime in Abuja.
However, the Nigerian Directorate of State Services, (DSS) has asked Nigerians to remain calm. The DSS said the warning from the US was not the first of such warnings.

A Nigerian intelligence operative however said the US warning is routine and that such warnings have been given in the past without any incidence.

“This is scaremongering. The DSS and the police have intelligence reports on possible terror attacks. They are up to the task” the official who does not wish to be named told Irohinoodua. He said in 2015 the US evacuated non essential staff as if Nigeria would skip but that the election went smoothly.

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