To be Great, a Nation Needs Discipline, Law and Order

By Akinola Olu Gabriel

No country can ever be great without discipline, law and order.

The Asian Tigers rose to fame after their leaders addressed personal and collective discipline

The Nigeria Constitution chapter 2: 15:5, 2:24 state the Nation ethics as Discipline, integrity Dignity of Labour, social Justice, Religious Tolerance, self reliance and patriotism.

In July 7th 2011, Goodluck Jonathan formal president of Nigeria recognized the importance of Ethics in solving Nigeria Ethical problems that he inaugurated the office of Ethical adviser in order to uphold ethics and values in polity and moral of the country. This office is to identify any ethical issue that can negatively impact the administration and advice on solution before they get of hands. It is not only when the problem is in sight but to identify contemporary and topical ethics, issue collaborate with relevant government institutions such as EFCC, NOA, ICPC, SSS, CCB etc to raise the ethics and value system of the country. Through continual engineering of the conscience of the citizenry to improve and raise the national and individual morals.
Different regime had identified corruption which is hydra headed ethical problems and attempted to solve according to their philosophy of corruption. Most of these strategies to deal with these problems had been disciplinary and political and with the impacts. The ninth assembly passed the bill for the National Agency for Ethics, Values, and Integrity Compliance Establishment Bill 2021. The bill gave birth to National Community Ethics and Value Environmental Compliance Corps (NCEVECC). It has her Zonal offices in the six geopolitical Zone of the Federation. The Southwest Supervisor of NCEVECC Rtd DCC Akinola Olusegun, had observed that Ethical challenges had been the roots of all problems bedeviling the nation.

The more disciplinary codes are employed, the more people are getting involve in corruptions. He had therefore said the southwest is going to employ three strategies; which are Integral , Value and process approaches.

The first two will be working on the heart of Nigerian Citizenry to transform Nigerian and ensure enhance peace, economic fortune, security, peace and safety. It will plant thrust in the mind of Nigerians for the expectation of the fruit of the renew hope of President Tinubu.

The third approach will be more of process audit to identify the points where Ethics had been compromised and subtle enforcement to make correction. This will also involve social, physical economic, Cultural, religion, political, health, safety ,labour environment audit and advice the relevant stakeholder as appropriate.

The National Ethics Corps and Value environmental Compliance corps will synergize with the anti corruption and paramilitary organization and other organization to inject into the communities values that will reduce corruption and enhance peace, safety, unity and out of slavery operations in our societies.

This Year global ethics theme is “Ethics Empowered”. The Constitution and passage of the bill establishing the Ethics agency is an empowerment that needed to be made adequate by the endorsement of the bill passed and every other support that will aid the efficiency in adequately carrying the agency activities.

The Agency had started operation with the integral approach, material from the formal Ethics adviser Dr.Sarah Jubril and for activities with monarch, had been dispatched to all regions by the Ethics Commander General; Gana Yusuf. This will assist every Ethics officer working at the grass root to achieve this year theme.

The need to cooperate with the state Governor through the commissioner for chieftains affairs cannot be overemphasis for the materials to achieve what they are set to achieve.

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