What are Yoruba Governors and business class doing about ancient Oyo Empire Wall?

Do Yoruba State Governors have any sense of history?

Do they care about their heritage?

Imagine this: The capital of the Old Ọ̀yọ́ Empire was a city of walls. Hugh Clapperton, a British naval officer and ethnographer who visited Oyo ile observed that the city had 10 gates in an oval-shaped wall complex built of clay about 6.1 meters high and 24 km square in circumference. It was 6.43km by 9.65km in diameter and was surrounded by a dry ditch. These free standing walls were in concentric circles.

In 1830, Richard Lander remarked thus;
“Some of the gateways in the walls are certainly recognizable, but i have not been able to visit the sites of all ten”

Old Oyo is located at the extreme northeast corner of Oyo state about 131 Kilometres northeast of the present Oyo Atiba (previously known as Ago Oja) and 64 km northwest of Ilorin. Bara the ancient burial valley of Kings is however in present day Kwara state, about 21km north of Oyo ile. Segments of some of the old walls can still be seen in places like Koso and Oyo ile itself.

The survey of the palace compound of Old Oyo by Brian Hallam shows the many courtyards of the old palace, each surrounded by numerous rooms. Surrounding compounds belonged to the main chiefs. To the south was a very large water reservoir and to the east lay the 500 m square Akesan market, where once traders set up their booths under shady trees and the people thronged from the main town area further east…..If President Bola Tinubu failed to return Nigeria back to regional system of government the Crimnalminded animalistic Ißobarbarians unregulated mass migration into Yorubaland will destroy Yoruba civilization…

Minstersolabomi Lanlehin
National security

More details about the Old Oyo ruins, city walls, and history are available in the African Legacy education video “Forgotten Africa”, available from African
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From Folashade Gbajumo Wall

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