Why Lukman Gbadegesin should not be Alaafin Oyo

By Gbonka Ebiri

The prince chosen by Oyomesi. Governor Makinde rejected him. He said the process was flawed and manipulated to favor him. He insisted on a new process free and fair…. Before we talk about him, let’s talk about his grandfather

His grandfather was king Belo Gbadegesin. He worked with the British to build a Fulani Yoruba alliance which the homegrown Yoruba nationalists at the time led by Awolowo rejected.

Belo detested anything Yoruba tradition. He refused to live in the old palace and built a new one with a mosque in the compound…. He stayed away from cultural activities and redefined the position of the Alaafin as a custodian of tradition.

King Belo disliked the sage for rejecting friendship with the North. When Akintola eventually worked with them to get the sage out of the way, he honored him by conferring to him the tile of Aare Ona Kakanfo.

Among his wives… and offsprings.

Let’s save that for another day to avoid gaslighting.

Fast forward…. His son Lukman Gbadegesin…. A chip off the old block…..totally dissociated from anything tradition at Oyo. He grew up at Sokoto… under the guidance of Arab/Fulani scholars.

Politically, Lukman Gbadegesin identifies with Northern interest. He used these connections to lobby for the throne…. The Bashorun along with a few clerics working with the North worked day and night to make sure he got the throne…. Details of this too sensitive to discuss on Twitter.

But for Makinde, he would be Alaafin today and the great throne of Oyo would be an extension of Sokoto Caliphate.

Oyo is the symbol of Fulani resistance. Ancient kings suffered many humiliations to preserve the throne. When Alaafin Amodo rejected Sokoto, his kingdom was invaded and the Alapini shrine looted. All the Egungun dresses were carried away along with all the young single women at Oyo.

Alaafin Oluewu was taken to Ilorin as a prisoner after he was captured at the Eleduwe war of 1835, tried and openly executed for rejecting to surrender Oyo to Ilorin and Gwandu.

Atiba moved the capital to preserve the kingdom, rather than watch it fall into the hands of Emir Shita of Ilorin.

What they could not do through war… they are trying to do through peace.

Yoruba autonomy should never be compromised or surrendered to alien influence, not even in the name of religion.

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