I’m 43 percent Nigerian, says Meghan Markle 

I’m 43 percent Nigerian, says Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle revealed she is partly Nigerian in the new episode of her Archetypes podcast that dissects the “angry” label pinned on Black women.


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Meghan Markle dropped another bombshell in the last episode of her Archetypes podcast, revealing she is partly Nigerian. The Duchess of Sussex said she did a genealogy test, which found she is 43 percent Nigerian. The revelation sent her podcast guest Ziwe Fumudoh, who also happens to be Nigerian, jumping with joy.

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After introducing Ziwe Fumudoh, a Nigerian-American comedian who hosts Showtime’s Ziwe, Meghan Markle said she “she was incredibly excited to sit down” with her to make a revelation. 
She said: “I just had my genealogy done a couple of years ago. 
Ms Fumudoh asked: “What are you?”
Meghan said: “43 percent Nigerian.”

Meghan Markle made the revelation in the latest episode of her Archetypes podcast (Image: Meghan archetypes podcast)

Ms Fumudoh was visibly blown by the revelation, exclaiming “No way!” “Oh my gosh! Are you really serious?”
Meghan then said: “I’m going to start to dig deeper into all this because anyone that I’ve told especially Nigerian, women are just like this is huge for our community.”
Ms Fumudoh said Meghan being 43 percent Nigerian, according to the genealogy test she did, is “huge” for the Nigerian community.
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