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Putin described Biden as “predictable, old school politician”

By Samuel Ogunsona

Russia President, Vladimir Putin, has said he prefers more predictable Joe Biden than his counterpart, Donald Trump.

He said this during an interview with Russia journalist, Pavel Zarubin, on Wednesday.

Putin who describes Biden political tactics as old school said the United State of America (USA) president is predictable as he would turn 82 weeks after the general election .

He said, “Biden is more experienced and more predictable. He is an ‘old school’ politician. But we will work with any US leader, elected by the people of America,” he told Journalist in an interview.

He dismissed questions about Mr Biden’s age and mental health during the interview.

He said when they had last met in 2021, he had not noticed anything peculiar.

“Even then [three years ago] people were saying that he was incompetent, but I did not see anything of this sort.

“Yes, he kept looking at his papers, but to be honest I kept doing the same. So there was nothing peculiar.”he stated

He promised that Russia would work with whoever gains the trust of the US people and wins the election.

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