Asiwaju’s Presidency: A convergence of Grace and Destiny

By Taiwo Adeleye

The Presidency of Bola Tinubu is a coincidence effected by God’s grace and unseen hands . In the build up to the election , there was so much tumult of sophistry and righteous outrage , when truth got mortgaged and redefined along bigoted and sentimental paradigms, when the possibility of achieving his dreams morphed into a mirage in the wake of his travails , as he became a subject of riotous debate among a motely crowd of political detractors.
No wonder his victory at the polls was greeted with a euphoric celebration. A spontaneous ,ecstatic and electric reaction ,long incubated but finally exhaled .
The political detractors whose acidic comments were dripping with tribal venoms and ethnic sentimentalism were subsumed in their own bubble of narcissism when they lost the battle in the realm of ideas and resorted to name calling , personal attacks and rogue tactics.
Not only did they weave a complex web of morality and erected democratic and legal barbed wires for his disqualification , but also incorrectly cited fallacies and unverifiable claims as evidence for exaggerated conclusions. The most filthy ,noisome , indocible and boisterous elements showed an abominable sort of conceited independence and indifference to decorum in their pomposity and narrow mindedness.
Even though , no one was expecting any logical deployment of reasoning from the minds mired in the miasma of chemical imbalance when they deviated from norms and promoted dubiety of purpose and intentions while preoccupied with reckless and unguided tidbits ; but they should have steered their army of vermins and degenerates from irresponsible utterances , foggy and irrational thought processes that could lead them to avoidable cataracts and icebergs ; and stop demonizing what they secretly admire out of envy.
Thank God Jagaban reacted to their breach of etiquette with civility ,indifference , smile and blink, believing that sooner or later the evil priests leading the ministry of darkness will go out of reckoning while living their lives in the silent city of the forgotten past.
I have never seen an ungrateful, emotional rubber of a race ,who are , like the Bermuda Triangle , always swallowing and not getting filled . Unless they continue to take from you ,you have not done anything for them.
Now that the headlines have been reconstructed , narratives changed and we are free from the verbal bondage of the impervious and the loquacious bad losers ,the rethorically violent thugs, who lack capacity for rigorous intellectual interrogation of issues, must come back to terms with the reality of the moment so that they can operate within the orbit of civilization and be led out of their morass , pain and fear.
I think it is time the political detractors that lack human guide with a navigating rod realize that when the jungle matures ,the cubs must take cover . Even though we know that not all competitors are worthy opponents ; but for them not to realize that emotions are poor substitute for reason shows a greater depth of gullibility.
when it comes to strategy they confused rivals for enemies and in their schizophrenic illusion , they fell fatally.
Tinubu’s victory was not the end of an era but a stoppage of an error. It was a contest that brought the best from some and the beast from many .
Nevertheless , Eni t’oloun da lejo , to’loun ogba to n fapa janu……, ! ( When God decides, to whom do you appeal ?)
Thank God , the deployment of weapon of slander in its unprincipled inventiveness and its venomous intensity , did little or no damage to the realization of the desired outcome.
Tinubu walked on thorns without limping ,as he delivered a resounding slap on the wrinkled face of the enemies.
Ewuju to loun o fope tu, ( A large rabbit that ventured to bring down a palm tree will lose its teeth in the process.)

Taiwo Adeleye writes from Lagos

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