The danger of Nigerian pioneer Medical School without electricity

Abraham Ariyo

Health is wealth. There is a strong link between electricity and public health.

We are worried and deeply concerned that Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC), cut off electricity supply to University College Hospital, U.C.H. on March 19, 2024, and the Hospital has been in darkness ever since including the time of this writing.

IBEDC contends that U.C.H. has not paid its electricity bills, and therefore cut off power to Nigeria’s premier Hospital.

The historic Medical Center of the Nation has been off Nigeria electricity grid since March 19, 2024, and its now surviving on generators and inverters.

Despite the best efforts of the U.C.H. management that has been paying monthly,.including payment of N50M each in January, February and March of 2024, IBEDC is concerned about payment of past accumulated debt that it said it’s due now.

Today, U.C.H. management has sent an emergency SOS (Save our Souls) letter to the Honorable Minister of Health for immediate help to solve this problem.

No one knows when electricity will officially return to U.C.H., but as of now, the premier Hospital remains in its second week of darkness.

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