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Confusion As Video Shows Nigeria Markings On Ukraine New Attack Weapon

By Samuel Ogunsona

Defense experts are concerned that a Ukrainian drone was marked with a Nigerian symbol in the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia

Irohinoodua heard that the shocking and confusing part is that the video footage of the drone shows the markings of Nigeria Air Force ( NAF) 167

A lot of people have been anxious about the video footage and different mixed questions have been raised

However, The Nigeria High Commission in the UK, MS Muhammed has cleared the air that his homeland country had earlier bought Portuguese drones but “none have been donated in any way or from to Ukraine or any other Country “

The British Ministry of Defense had earlier announced to supply its first wave of military equipment to Ukraine start from July, 2023, which will be sponsored by the International Fund for Ukraine established by the United Kingdom (UK).

A Portuguese Company, Tekever, confirmed its UAVs drone go to Ukraine under British-led initiative even though something strange occur.

Among the equipment is the British Malloy T150 from Malloy Aeronautics, Dutch DeltaQuad Pro and Danish Astero ISR from Nordic Wing and also include two unspecified drones which one of the drones is identified as Tekever AR3 system received from a manufacturing company in Portugal.

The AR3 drone is a small sized vertical equipment designed for a takeoff and smooth landing process to reconnaissance mission in both sea and land environment.


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